Rupert Bennett

Car Park Simulator

This application was written in C# using NetBeans. The program simulates the functions of a car park found in Sheffield city center. It has the ability to recognize unique car park tokens specific for individual cars and can store the total price for each car depending on their duration in the car park. It has added features such as alarms (if a car were to be stolen) as well as a new idea of smart parking (where cars are assigned specific car parking bays).

The first menu you are greeted with upon opening the program is the welcome page where you can select “Add Car Park” to generate a car parks amount of spaces and costs.

The next step is to give your car par a name and to specify the amount of each type of parking spaces you want, by scrolling the sliders, as well as the number of floors, exit points and prices for your car park. A discount option is available to allow the user to add any companies that are entitled to discount on the total cost of their stay. Once you are happy with the inputted values, select “Create Car Park”.

You will be taken to the welcome page where you can then select “Display Car Park”. Here you will see the car park you have created. The Idea of this, is to simulate cars entering and exiting a car park. Start at the “Entry Machine” and work your way from left to right.

Below, is a second idea of the same page but with an added alarm system if a theft was to occur in the secure parking bays.