Rupert Bennett

OWI Claw

I was bought a "build your own" robotic claw which I had been after for a while as it looked like fun to build and I new I could do some cool stuff with it. It was a fun little thing but it came with a rather amature controller which wasnt much fun to use so it got me thinking.

I decided to scrap the plug in controller and build my own via a bluetooth application for my mobile phone.

To start I had to disconnect the motors from the original board and wire them up to an arduino motor shield.
There are 5 degrees of freedom in the claw and the motor shield only has room for 4 motors so i decided to scrap one of the dof and just use four for ease.
I then removed the existing power supply (4x9V batteries) and used this space to house the arduino so it looked neat.

Next I build a very simple app using MIT app inventor as it is super quick for what I needed and I hooked a HC-05 bluetooth module to the arduino for communication.

The claw can now be controlled from the application on my mobile phone without the need for a bulky controller.

Mobile Application

This is the app that I built using MIT Aoo Inventor.