Rupert Bennett


Spot is a ‘Pac-man’ style game written in C++ using Visual Studio. This game was developed as a first year project at University.

Game Objects

@ – The player
* – Magic Pills
# – Walls
Z – Zombies
0 – Holes

Game Features

The game also enables the player to save a particular point in the game by pressing ‘S’. This point can then be returned to at a later point in time by selecting ‘L’.
Every move taken by the player and all four zombies are recorded and can be replayed by selecting ‘R’. this will play every move taken at one second intervals.

Game Rules

The aim of the game is to kill all of the zombies and to eat all of the pills with as few moves as possible.
Zombies and the player can fall down holes.
Pills allow 10 invincible moves where the you can kill the zombies by touching them. A life is gained for every pill collected.
The player starts with 10 lives and the game ends once all the lives have been lost. The player looses lives by falling down a hole or being touched by a zombie.

Game Levels

Level 1 – 4 zombies, 10 pills, 10 holes
Level 2 – 4 zombies, 5 pills, 15 holes
Level 3 – 4 zombies, 3 pills, 20 holes

Game Cheats

This game allows the user to use specific cheats at the cost of a high score on the leaderboard
‘F’ – Will freeze all the zombies so that they cannot chase or run from the player
‘X’ – Will Kill all zombies left in the game play
‘E’ – Will eat all remaining pills left of the board

Leader boards

The game has three individual leader boards, one board per level, which holds the scores of the top five players of each level.