Rupert Bennett

Behind the Temperature Dashboard

The temperature sensor was a project I took on as a proof of concept idea for a server room in an office. some of the servers were being decommissioned and there was no longer any need for the expensive server monitoring equiptment currently used. A low cost, easily maintained solution was required and I came up with this.

This sensor makes use of Adafruits Feather Huzzah board which encorporates an ESP8266 wifi module which i used to upload the data. I also made use of a DHT22 temperature sensort which is used to collect the data.

Coded in C programming language using the arduino software, the server rooms temperature is recorded every five minutes and uploaded to a database via wifi. the front-end system found here then reads data from the database and displays it in the scrollable table. Further calculations are then made to calculate values needed for the graph and guages on the page. When plugged in, live data will be uploaded to this site.